8 Things you should practice every morning for a healthy lifestyle

Your daily morning routine makes you who you are. Here are the 8 things to incorporate into your everyday routine to make it perfect. Check it out!

Waking up and moving out from the bed is easier said than done especially during these chilly months of rains and shivering breeze. But those with a healthy morning routine are the ones who make it in life. So here are 8 products to grab and things to do with it to help you achieve that healthier lifestyle addressing the well-being of your body, mind, skin, and every bit of you. Looking good and also feeling good about oneself amps up the confidence level and thirst to make it in life than living an average life story. The one change or breakthrough you’ve been looking for all your life lies right in your hands- morning routine.

Drink Water

Make sure you drink enough water throughout the day but most importantly drink at least a glass of water immediately after you wake up from your sleep. All our body organs and tissues depend on water to function at their best. Drinking water straight out from bed improves bodily functions throughout the day and also helps in the weight loss journey. Carry a bottle along with you everywhere you go to remind yourself to hydrate and stay fresh.

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Run a mile

Wake up early and take time to jog or run a mile. This strengthens your muscles and motivates your core to stay strong and fit. Running, cycling, or jogging every day has proven to lower the risk of heart attacks, cardiovascular disease, and neurological diseases like Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s diseases. A multi-purpose belt that helps you store your keys, cards, and bottle can help you go hands-free while you exercise.

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Meditate and practice yoga

Stress, work pressure, and whatnot. The world can be really mean at times. To release that negative energy and trap optimistic thoughts in your brain, meditation and yoga can help. It tunes the mind to nature and shapes your body and soul to be its best. Get a yoga mat to motivate yourself to hit the yoga sessions in your neighbourhood or to meditate before the sun rises.

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Oil Pulling for the win

Oil pulling is an ayurvedic mouthwash that detoxifies the bacteria formed during your good night’s sleep. It helps maintain your mouth’s pH and also promotes teeth and gum health. Oil pulling is a mini workout for your mouth that you shouldn’t miss.

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Not just to keep you away from corona and other diseases but also to treat acne, dark circles, blemishes, and saggy skin, vaporization helps. It is also meant to reduce anxiety and restlessness as it calms the nervous system. So next time, before you get ready for that important client meeting, find aid in vapour therapy to feel better.

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Facial massage/cleansing

It”s a cardinal beauty-sin if you continue your day without washing your face. Cleansing your face is as important as brushing your teeth and there are no excuses to skip that from your routine. Use a cleansing machine that exfoliates and massages your skin for a better and beautiful fresh morning face.

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Never forget your sunscreen

No matter what the season is, a day without sunscreen is going to be a bad day for your skin. Sunscreen protects your face from harmful radiations and also has anti-ageing properties that help your skin from sagging and reduces blemishes and redness.

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Never skip your breakfast

Skipping your breakfast is like skipping a day of your life. Breakfast gives you the energy to lead the day. Have a healthy and nutritious breakfast every day to stay fit and strong. If having no time is your excuse, cut some fruits, mix them with your easy-to-make oatmeal mixture and make your stomach happy.

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