Charlie the remedy doggy eases nerves, provides smiles at Sierra Dental

Charlie is both office dog and therapy dog at Sierra Dental in Howard, where the 3-year-old cockapoo helps calm patients nervous about visiting the dentist and sometimes just hangs out in the reception area.

HOWARD – The fastest way to see someone’s smile at Sierra Dental is to convey up Charlie.

Because becoming a member of the personnel past calendar year, the 3-12 months-aged cockapoo is conveniently the most common guy in no matter what room he happens to be in, whether or not greeting folks in the reception region or putting individuals at ease while they’re in the chair or creating the rounds at the day-to-day early morning assembly. 

Dr. Martin Williams, or Dr. Marty as his youthful people call him, does not take it individually. Just after all, it was his notion to bring him on board. 

“Oh yeah, he’s the rock star,” claimed Williams, who owns each Charlie and Sierra Dental.

Business office manager Jessica Zuidmulder places it like this, “No person asks for Marty. Most people asks for Charlie.”