Does Sodium Make You Gain Pounds?

Sodium is a nutrient that is necessary to everyday living. It is required for quite a few bodily procedures, including fluid and blood strain regulation, nutrient transport, and nerve mobile function (1).

Although sodium is needed, most folks consume also a lot sodium in the variety of sodium chloride or table salt.

Consuming higher amounts of included salt could increase your threat of health and fitness problems, this kind of as owning a stroke or establishing a heart situation or autoimmune disease (2).

Furthermore, you could wonder whether sodium can make you get bodyweight.

This post points out the associations in between sodium intake and bodyweight get.

Quite a few folks affiliate extreme salt in the diet with fluid retention.

This is because eating a good deal of salt brings about your entire body to conserve water (3).

A the latest study found that higher salt intakes boost thirst. Your physique utilizes the more fluid consumed to dilute the surplus sodium that it’s not able to excrete quickly adequate (4).

On the other hand, your urine quantity does not improve, meaning this extra fluid stays in your human body.

Consequently, a unexpected enhance in sodium intake might lead to you to attain some fat in the sort of fluid (4).

This is why some individuals report sensation puffy immediately after consuming quite higher salt meals like choose-out food items and salty restaurant foods.

It is crucial to take note that this fluid retention is usually only short-term. Physique fluid stages normally return to normal just after a couple of times (4).

Having said that, while some research demonstrate that increased salt intakes generate fluid consumption, other folks have not shown this association.

For illustration, a small research uncovered that although a substantial salt diet plan led to excess weight obtain and entire body water conservation in 10 nutritious gentlemen, greater salt intake was not associated with greater fluid intake.

In simple fact, the research located that a 12-gram every day salt ingestion led to decreased fluid consumption (3).

The romantic relationship in between nutritional salt consumption and fluid equilibrium is complicated. Much more exploration in this spot is required to have an understanding of superior how higher salt consumption may perhaps have an affect on your body’s fluid amounts (6).


The marriage amongst salt ingestion and body fluid amounts is sophisticated, but exploration indicates that a significant salt ingestion could lead to water retention and limited-time period fat attain.

Foods that are high in salt are also usually substantial in energy.

For illustration, speedy meals, fried food items, boxed mac and cheese, frozen dinners, creamy pasta dishes, and pizza are typically pretty high in salt and calories.

Feeding on far too a lot of food items that are superior in salt and total calories may possibly lead to bodyweight attain.

Furthermore, experiments have found that substantial sodium consumption may possibly maximize the possibility of being overweight — impartial of your calorie ingestion.

A person analyze among the 1,243 small children and older people found that all those with higher urinary sodium were more most likely to have obesity or obese. Significant salt ingestion was noticeably connected with larger stages of overall body excess fat in both of those small children and adults.

The study also uncovered that a 1-gram for every day enhance in sodium ingestion was linked with a 28% and 26% enhanced hazard of being overweight in kids and older people, respectively (7).

A different review amongst 9,162 individuals found that a sodium ingestion increased than 2,300 mg for every working day was significantly affiliated with a increased threat of weight problems and stomach unwanted fat, as opposed with a reasonable sodium ingestion of 1,500–2,300 mg per day (8).

Each of these experiments discovered that sodium ingestion was involved with pounds obtain and weight problems, even just after adjusting for total calorie consumption and other confounders like activity degrees.

Whilst the possible system is not completely apparent, a higher salt diet could instantly lead to unwanted fat accumulation in the overall body (7).


Research have joined significant salt intakes to an elevated hazard of obesity. Food items substantial in salt also tend to be high in energy. However, salt intake has also been linked to obesity independently of calorie ingestion.

For most people, the sodium discovered obviously in food items like eggs and shellfish is not an situation. Nevertheless, it is important to observe your added salt ingestion to assure that your diet plan isn’t excessively large in salt.

Generally, most additional salt consumption will come from the use of really processed foods.

In this article are some substantial salt foodstuff to lower back again on to cut down your consumption of additional salt:

  • Highly processed and salty acquire-out food items: pizza, road tacos, hamburgers, nuggets, french fries, etc.
  • Salty packaged snacks: chips, pork rinds, pretzels, and so on.
  • Processed meats: jerky, bacon, salted and fixed meat, salami, sausages, and many others.
  • Salty condiments: salad dressings, soy sauce, hot sauce, and so forth.
  • Significant salt boxed or canned foods: all set-built pasta and rice dishes, canned soups, canned ham, boxed potato casseroles, etc.

Also, including much too considerably salt to household-cooked foods can significantly boost your in general salt intake.

Attempt lowering the quantity of salt you incorporate to foodstuff, and be sure to style food items ahead of incorporating additional salt.

You can also use lemon juice, refreshing herbs, garlic, and spices to minimize the will need for salt in your recipes.


To slash again on sodium, check out having fewer substantial salt food items and reducing back again on the amount of salt you increase to your foods.

Consuming much too considerably sodium in the form of added salt has been affiliated with fat gain.

Some experiments counsel that consuming a large sum of salt could guide to limited-phrase body weight acquire thanks to fluid retention, though some others have uncovered that substantial salt consumption may enhance your threat of bodyweight achieve and weight problems.

As well as, feeding on significant amounts of salt might harm your total well being and boost your possibility of developing a clinical situation like heart ailment.

To sustain a healthy sodium intake, check out chopping again on foods known to be superior in salt and decreasing your use of desk salt when cooking at dwelling.

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