In honor of every survivor, let us do our aspect to assistance avoid cancer

Dr. Rachel Young, guest writer

Rachel Young

As an osteopathic relatives physician, what if I informed you that there was a miracle procedure readily available to kids that cuts their prospects of finding six distinct sorts of most cancers by practically 50 %? And what if I explained to you that the cure is intended for a disorder that recently infects an estimated 14 million Us citizens each yr?

Having seen the impacts of this disorder in my apply, I can say with self esteem that numerous mother and father would want to know extra. But I’ll reduce to the chase: this treatment method exists, and it has impressive benefits.

HPV — or human papillomavirus — is the most typical sexually transmitted disorder, infecting about 79 million Individuals. In accordance to the U.S. Centers for Ailment Handle and Avoidance (CDC), virtually just about every sexually active person who has not been given the HPV vaccine will get the virus at some issue in their everyday living. The vaccine doesn’t just guard against the illness, but it also will help protect against possibly harmful outcomes of the virus, which include six forms of most cancers.