Next 100-Working day Problem will help 46 homeless veterans in Santa Barbara County | Regional Information

Jim is now employed, has a lasting dwelling and visits with his son on weekends. Working by way of recovery to split the chain of habit, Jim figured out how to be a father and develop into part of his child’s everyday living.

His story is a person that assisted a group doing the job to tackle homelessness between veterans study about the barriers they face and the setbacks they knowledge as they struggle to locate their place in society.

The exertion was element of a second 100-Day Challenge for group associates from the Santa Maria/Santa Barbara County Continuum of Care and neighborhood stakeholders, mentioned Kimberlee Albers, the county’s Homeless Aid Plan supervisor.

The to start with challenge targeted on homeless youth. Veterans became the concentrate on of the next challenge because on any provided night, much more than 150 veterans are homeless in Santa Barbara County.

The team set a objective of connecting 75 of people homeless veterans to safe and sound, secure housing and supportive services all through the challenge that released the second week of October and finished Feb. 5.

By the 100th working day, the crew experienced proven these connections for 46 veterans, much more than 50 percent the aim, and the function is continuing.

“The 100-Day Challenge was a great chance for a team of cross-sector stakeholders to reexamine their products and implementation procedures of housing veterans enduring homelessness,” reported Kathy Simas, retired Santa Barbara Foundation North County director.

The challenge also allowed the crew to determine the roadblocks they facial area in addressing veteran homelessness and assess strategies that labored, people that didn’t and how to strengthen individuals efforts.