Renowned Pediatric Dentists in Livermore

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Childhood is full of adventure and exploration. However, this age is also the time of occasional dental problems. As parents, ensuring quality dental care should be the best choice to keep severe problems at bay. While cavity or tooth decay is a major problem of children in the US, gum infection and tooth sensitivity are also common. Anyone looking for information about kids’ dental care Livermore can follow the clinic names below to find out the best clinic.

Most Common Dental Care Problems among Children:

Knowing the names of common pediatric dental problems can help the parents while seeking medical treatment. Some common dental care problems among children are:

·       Tooth Decay (Cavities)

·       Tooth Sensitivity

·       Dental Emergencies

·       Pediatric Gingivitis and Gum Disease

·       Orthodontic Problems

·       Thumb Sucking

·       Dental Anxiety

·       Grinding

·       Bad Breath

·       Baby Teeth Loss

Pediatric Dentists in Livermore:

1.     Kids Care Dental & Orthodontics: Kids Care is a renowned pediatric dental care center that is open from Monday to Friday from 8 AM to 5 PM. The Livermore office is comparatively newer than the other branches. They aim at providing a fun environment so that the children are comfortable throughout their visit with physicians. By recruiting kid-friendly staff, they ensure delivering happiness.

2.     Shadelands Pediatric Dentistry: Keeping the comfort and safety of children as their top priorities, Shadelands pediatric dental clinic offers a variety of advanced treatments. Dr. Lopez, as a certified yoga instructor, incorporates a calming approach to patient interaction. One can contact the clinic from their official website or by calling the office.

3.     Moraga Pediatric Dentistry: Aiming at creating a strong foundation of oral health is the motto of this popular pediatric dental clinic. They have experienced dentists to offer children the most customized dental care. The doctors and staff are friendly and passionate- as claimed by the team. One can request for appointment by filling an online form at their website.

4.     Just Kids Pediatric Dentistry: With more than 30 years of experience, this clinic has been providing comprehensive dental treatment to children as well as young adults. Many parents prefer this clinic because of Dr. Jonathan Chang and his team of dental professionals, who are experienced to take care of dental problems.

5.     Children’s Choice Dental Care: Aiming to deliver kid-friendly dental care, this office focuses on advanced and safe methods. They also market cavity prevention products for kids such as vanilla- and chocolate-flavored xylitol toothpaste and fluoride gels. One can book an appointment from their official website.


Pediatric dental care is a vital area of medical practice. The clinics providing pediatric dental care should maintain a kid-friendly environment to treat the children with utmost care. While looking for a clinic providing kids dental care in Livermore, one should read the online reviews. Most of the pediatric dental clinics in Livermore have official websites, where the parents can explore every detail of their services. They can also book appointments online or by calling the clinics. Ensuring the best practice in pediatric dental care should be the focus of every kid’s dental care provider.