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Amid a busy schedule, we often find ourselves putting fitness in the backseat. It can be difficult to find a workout routine when you don’t know what to do or how to keep yourself motivated. However, staying active is important for both your physical and mental health. In addition to better strength and endurance, regular physical exercise will improve your productivity, confidence, energy, focus, and mood.

Trainiac’s world renowned professionals are here to help you gain consistency and keep you accountable. Trainiac is an app that allows you to bring fitness into your life on your own time by training 1-on-1 with five star personal trainers and follow a custom made plan. Trainiac can fit perfectly into your life whether you are a student struggling to find motivation, a newcomer to the world of fitness, or a busy professional with a tight schedule. Whether you’re training at the Malkin Athletic Center or doing yoga on your living room floor, bring Trainiac wherever you go. Feel more energized, gain more confidence, and get the results you’ve been dreaming of!

Follow the stories of Brenda, Tyler, and Kelsey to see how Trainiac can help you take charge of your wellbeing.

Disclaimer: These characters and stories are fictional, but represent what you could do with Trainiac.

Keep yourself accountable like Brenda

Having been active her entire life, Brenda has always loved the rush of a good workout. In past years at Harvard, Brenda often enjoyed early morning hot yoga sessions or an intense spin class. However, her favorite workout studios are far away and their offered sessions are restricted to limited hours, making it hard for Brenda to juggle fitness with her academic responsibilities. Thus, at the start of senior year, Brenda found herself trading workout sessions for late nights in Lamont Library drafting her thesis. Despite the fact that she spends the majority of the day glued to her desk, she notices that she is not nearly as productive as she used to be. Between meetings with her advisors and hours of reading, Brenda decides that she needs to take control of her health and create a more flexible schedule that she can consistently follow. At the recommendation of her friend, Brenda turns to Trainiac for help. Over text message, she is able to consult with her new personal trainer about her difficulty with sticking to her fitness routine with her current workout schedule. Looking to fix the problem, her trainer designs specialized routines tailored to Brenda’s preferences and informs her of Trainiac’s progress tracking tools. After each workout with Trainiac, Brenda can view her health stats and notice her improvement, which motivate her to set and consistently meet tangible fitness goals. Her trainer, who can also view her progress, adjusts her future workouts based on the exercises she enjoys and the most effective ways to bring her fitness to the next level.

Trainiac allows Brenda to take breaks from her demanding thesis. Now, exercise feels more like a hobby than a chore. After a fresh motivation boost led to her completing her thesis, Brenda now incorporates the yoga and spin classes she loves into her Trainiac routines. With Trainiac and its progress tracking features, she takes more responsibility for her health and holds herself accountable no matter what life throws her way.

Begin your fitness journey like Tyler

For Tyler, starting college means a whole bunch of firsts. He will walk through the Yard with his classmates for the first time, endure his first (but certainly not last) all-nighter, and relish his first meal in Annenberg Hall. He also plans on finally embarking on his first independent fitness journey. But, with the overwhelming workload that comes with freshman year, Tyler rarely has a free second to research different types of exercise and healthy habits, causing him to continuously put exercise by the wayside.

Looking for an easier way to get fit, Tyler decides to download Trainiac and is paired with his trainer Alyssa. Alyssa is a certified fitness professional specialized in providing high quality virtual training. Every day, she creates a personalized exercise routine for Tyler and sends him text and video messages to provide feedback and advice. With Alyssa’s help, Tyler no longer needs to stress about researching the best exercise practices. He simply follows Alyssa’s recommendations and is able to obtain the results he desires. After just a few training sessions, Tyler already recognizes noticeable differences. Not only can he run to MIT and back without stopping, but he also starts the day much more energized and focused. His stress dissipates and his workload seems much more manageable. One Sunday afternoon after a great session in the gym, Tyler checks his Trainiac progress report and smiles. He knows he can take on anything.

Work fitness into your schedule like Kelsey

After graduation, Kelsey traded her runs along the Charles River for daily Python marathons. The newest addition to a tech start-up, Kelsey has found herself in San Francisco for the first time. While over the previous four years she had been able to create a set schedule around going to the MAC and running with her varsity track teammates, Kelsey has discovered that her new life does not allow her that same freedom. Between completing the big move and getting oriented in the virtual workplace, she is either working at her computer for hours or recuperating on her couch.

In search of a way to get herself and her fitness back on track, Kelsey enlists the help of Trainiac’s certified online trainers. Upon providing some basic information and selecting a trainer from those who fit her needs within minutes, Kelsey is able to set up a 1-on-1 video call with her trainer. She explains to them that the challenging aspects of her new life have prohibited her from maintaining her fitness as she desires. They work together to create a workout schedule that allows Kelsey to keep up with her job while also gaining fitness from her living room. To put some variety into the routine, her trainer also makes the effort to include running in Kelsey’s workout plans, allowing her to start exploring her new city.

After about a month of working with her trainer, Kelsey feels fitter and notices that she wakes up with more energy for her long workday. A
fter getting her promotion at work, she continues to work with her trainer to adapt her schedule to ensure that she can manage added responsibilities and hold herself accountable to her fitness journey.

Hear from real Trainiac users

Though Brenda’s, Tyler’s, and Kelsey’s stories are fictional, here are some real experiences of Trainiac users.

“As a busy young professional, with a schedule that varies weekly with work, friends, and travel, Trainiac is the best thing I’ve come across in a long time. Each week my trainer checks in to gauge my progress, my schedule, and even suggests meals to accompany the physical workload. The encouragement and accountability makes the platform infinitely better than free ‘design-it-yourself’ apps.”

-Peter Meiusi

“I started my fitness journey in May with Trainiac, which was one of the best decisions I have made in my life so far. My health has gotten better and I’ve found something I truly love to do. I am able to motivate myself and others. This isn’t just a phase, it’s a lifetime!”

-Natasha Martin

“I love the flexibility it gives me. I have a hectic work schedule, so it allows me to work out at any point of the day or night while not being confined to a studio class schedule. I enjoy the relationship I have formed with my trainer and feel that she really knows me and what my goals are.”

– Erin Carbery

*These testimonials were taken from Trainiac’s website

Save on high quality fitness with Trainiac

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