Though keloid scars and piercing bumps may possibly to begin with seem the exact same, there are many approaches to distinguish them.

We will demonstrate the discrepancies concerning piercing bumps (or keloids) and how to distinguish them. We will also discuss about the achievable treatment plans for every, and other skin disorders that could take place just after a piercing.

What is piercing bumps

Following a piercing, piercing bumps can form. These bumps can generally be observed following cartilage piercings like nose or higher ear drillings.

When the body’s immune reaction to the wound initiates the therapeutic approach, piercing bumps are made. This irritation is what triggers the bump.

In the initially several weeks adhering to the method, some men and women could practical experience bleeding, swelling, or bruising. These are all normal symptoms. These signs or symptoms might not be a cause of problem.

  • Itching
  • Some whitish fluid is viewed from the wound website
  • Plaquering jewelry is crusted

What is keloids?

Keloid refers to a lifted scar brought about by trauma or damage to skin. This style of scar can sometimes appear immediately after a piercing.

An overgrowth of fibrous tissue can direct to a keloid. A keloid is shaped when fibrous tissue overgrows because of to personal injury.

Right after the initial injury, it can take 3-12 month for keloids to establish. The keloid seems as raised scars, which can be pink, pink, purple, or even brown. They generally turn out to be darker with time. The location of the keloid and the skin tone can have an impact on the visual appearance.

Earlobe keloid scars are likely round or oval. They can increase promptly or gradual and can eventually come to be fairly large.

Distinct keloids have distinctive textures. They could experience hard and rubbery, or soft and doughy. A human being may possibly also knowledge the pursuing indications right after a keloid scar is taken out:

What Is Piercing Bump vs Keloid ?
What Is Piercing Bump vs Keloid ?

How do you inform the variation

First appearances of keloids or piercing bumps might be similar. Over time, on the other hand, you will notice discrepancies.

Below is a table that reveals the main variations among these pores and skin forms:

Procedure for piercing bumps

Generally, piercing bumps do not have to have treatment. They are element of the body’s natural response to personal injury. People can take actions to clean up the location, protect against infection and make it possible for the piercings to heal. These are:

  • Perforating jewellery must be saved in put for at least 6 months.
  • Prior to touching the piercing, clean your fingers
  • After a day, wash the piercings with a mild cleaning soap and drinking water or a saline answer.
  • Following showering or bathing, dry the spot with a cotton pad. Steer clear of working with towels as they can harbor microorganisms.

The American Academy of Dermatology (AAD), indicates that you use rubbing liquor to the piercing. Nonetheless, the basic steerage recommends not to do this as it can sluggish down healing.

Keloids treatment

There are quite a few therapy possibilities for keloids. The sort and measurement, as well as the variety of keloid, will all participate in a position in choosing the proper treatment method. There are numerous treatment method alternatives:

  • The use of corticosteroids can minimize the sizing of the keloid. According to the AAD, people will need 4 injections for each week. 1 each 3 to 4 weeks is normal. Corticosteroid injections can shrink keloids by 50 to 80%, in accordance to them.
  • Surgical treatment A expert will eliminate the keloid. Even after surgical treatment, keloids may well return.
  • Laser Treatment method: Laser Treatment can flattenTrustedSource the keloid scarring and make it vanish.
  • Cryotherapy This is a remedy that can be applied on small keloids. Cryotherapy is when a medical professional freezes the modest keloids to soften them and decrease their sizing. Cryotherapy can induce skin pigmentation variations and is not advisable for all those with darker pores and skin tones.

People who are mindful of their vulnerability to keloids should really stay clear of piercings.

An infection

Infections in new perforations are incredibly typical and can come about if the needle is not sterilized or the human being is not able hold the piercing clean up. Infected piercings can be characterised by:

  • soreness
  • Swelling and puffiness
  • Yellow pus arrives out of the piercing
  • nausea and vomiting

Contact dermatitis

Make contact with dermatitis refers to a form of skin rash caused by discomfort or contact with anything. It could be induced by allergy symptoms, friction, or an publicity to something corrosive, harmful, or both.

  • Fluid-loaded blisters
  • Hives
  • A burning or stinging sensation
  • Itching
  • Dryness
  • discoloration
  • irritation
  • tenderness

Most jewelry allergic reactions are triggered by nickel. Although nickel is much less expensive jewellery, it can be observed in smaller amounts in silver and gold jewelry. This could lead to an allergic reaction.

The best method to handle jewelry allergies is to swap the steel with one that is hypoallergenic, such as stainless steel, titanium, or 18- and 24-karat gold.

How to talk with a medical professional

A doctor or skin doctor need to be consulted if a human being suspects they might have keloid. The keloid could continue to improve if the client does not acquire remedy.

If you are struggling from indications of an infection, it is a excellent notion to talk to a medical doctor.


There are two forms of pores and skin conditions that can build after a piercing: keloids and piercing bumps. While keloids can grow little by little and become bigger, piercing bumps are more frequent and show up faster.

Keloids can be handled by a skin doctor or physician. A health care service provider must be consulted if everyone suspects they might have a keloid, or one more condition that could lead to a lump.

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