5 Health Clubs and Gyms That Offer Senior Discounts

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One of the biggest perks of getting older is that the price of just about everything drops. Seniors are eligible for discounts on stuff and services of all kinds — and their health and fitness is no exception. A few big health club chains offer discounted memberships directly to seniors, but it’s actually quite rare. Many others, however, let seniors join at reduced rates or even for free through government programs, private health programs and insurance plans.

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Whether their local health club offers discounts directly or indirectly, savvy seniors can save money on memberships that let them stay in shape, stay connected to their peers, learn about their bodies and have fun while they’re doing it. Here are a few gyms that let seniors get and stay fit without giving their wallets a workout.

Last updated: July 16, 2021

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When searching for large national or regional health club chains that offer senior discounts, you’ll notice that they’re few and far between. That’s partly because so many gyms that might have otherwise offered reduced rates to older Americans instead participate in the SilverSneakers program.

Available for free through many of the top Medicare Advantage plans, SilverSneakers allows eligible members to stay fit at more than 15,000 locations across the country. More than 70 classes are available, as are online workouts, personal training and healthy living discounts.

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All YMCA branches welcome seniors and most have senior-specific programs, classes and other offerings. Senior discounts are common, but not standard — it varies by location. At the YMCA of Greater Monmouth County, New Jersey, for example, seniors pay $43 per month compared to $58 per month for adults ages 27-61. The Y in neighboring Ocean County, however, puts seniors and younger adults in the same price tier at $99 for three months.

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In-Shape has more than 40 locations across California, and they host monthly socials, pickleball tournaments and aqua classes just for seniors. They offer discounted and even no-cost membership to seniors through several different health care providers. You can use In-Shape’s site to check your eligibility for:

  • SilverSneakers: Medicare

  • ASH Silver & Fit: This private fitness program is independent of Medicare but it accepts many Medicare plans, Medicare eligibles and other seniors.

  • Renew Active by UHC: UnitedHealthcare

  • Peerfit Move: Medicare Advantage

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For regular people trying to stay in shape, the word “crossfit” probably conjures images of chiseled, finely tuned athletes wincing in agony over box jumps, deadlifts and burpees — and there’s certainly plenty of that. But as Men’s Health pointed out in 2020, the brand has made real efforts to soften its hardcore image in a bid to attract seniors.

Individual Crossfit locations charge different rates. Many offer senior discounts, but some do not. Sumner Crossfit in Washington State, for example, charges seniors the same rate as college students — $115 for unlimited access. A standard unlimited membership is $155. Refuge Crossfit in Palmer, Alaska, lets seniors take two classes a week for $40 a month, an option not available to adults under 65, who must choose unlimited sessions for $150 a month.

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Jovanmandic / Getty Images/iStockphoto

American Family Fitness

American Family Fitness has locations across Virginia. It participates in the Medicare SilverSneakers program, which is included with many Medicare Advantage programs at no extra cost. The health club chain has introduced SilverSneakers Fitness, a health and wellness program that includes senior-specific classes taught by specially certified instructors. SilverSneakers Classic focuses on strength and range of motion. SilverSneakers Splash takes place in shallow water.

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