7 Types Of Vegetarian Diets, Explained By A Nutritionist

People are becoming more conscious of what they are buying, eating and how they are living their life. One step in the right direction is to cut down on meat and to live a more sustainable life. Since veganuary started a couple of years back, more people have been trying to do their bit. But what does that mean? There are so many different types of vegetarianism that it can be hard to know what you want to do. There are endless health benefits of consuming more fruit and vegetables but some may not be able to go full vegan which is completely understandable. It is important to know that pending on the extent of your vegetarian diet, you may need some extra help with vitamins such as zinc supplements.


A Pescetarian diet is probably the first step to going vegetarian. This diet will consist of a plant-based diet but will also allow them to eat fish and seafood. This is a great way to get your flow and then move on. Some pescetarians will also allow themselves to eat eggs and dairy for their nutritional values. 


The first kind of vegetarian is a Lacto-vegetarian, this diet consists of a plant-based diet that removes egg and meat from the equation. They will, however, allow themselves to consume dairy products like milk, cheese, yoghurt and butter. 


An ovo-vegetarian diet is very similar to a lacto-vegetarian in which they will mostly consume a plant-based diet that removes meat and dairy from their diet. This diet will consist of eggs though as you will find some people will swap between eggs or dairy.

Lacto-Ovo Vegetarian

You can probably tell what this diet consists of but for those who haven’t guessed. This is a vegetarian diet that consists of a mostly plant-based diet but will allow themselves to eat both eggs and dairy. This is a good start to becoming more responsible with your eating habits as it is gradually getting you into a vegetarian diet. 


The vegan diet is becoming more popular each year. It is definitely one of the most restrictive diets and lifestyles. This diet consists of a completely plant-based diet and lifestyle. They will not purchase any byproduct of animals like gelatine or collagen and won’t buy items made from leather etc. If products have been tested on animals, they will not use them. This diet comes with its issues, but it also has amazing health benefits so this is the one where people aim for if they are wanting to do as much as they can. 

As you can see there are many different vegetarian diets. There are some other “vegetarian” diets but they both consist of eating meat so they should not be on the list. Remember, there are some fantastic health benefits to consuming a vegetarian diet and each person will know their limits, but if you are wanting to carry this on, you will need to start looking at picking up some supplements like multivitamins and vitamin B12.