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Planet Fitness

Inclusive gym Planet Fitness has spent the past year updating its facilities and policies so it can continue to be a place where anyone feels comfortable working out while staying safe and healthy. The company recognizes the important role that physical fitness plays in a person’s overall well-being, and hopes to encourage residents in the Orangeburg community to begin their fitness journey with a free month of workouts in May.


Entering the Judgment Free Zone

As the home of the Judgment Free Zone, Planet Fitness prides itself on being a gym where everyone is welcome — at any time. Not only is Planet Fitness designed to be as accessible and welcoming as possible, but it is open and staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week to accommodate all guests. As part of its mission to provide a place for anyone and everyone to work out, the gym offers certain amenities that help members with their fitness goals, whether they’re just starting out, or continuing to improve their health as part of a long-term journey. Each facility is equipped with plenty of state-of-the-art cardio and weight training equipment, as well as free fitness training, where certified professionals create personalized exercise programs designed with the guest’s goals in mind.

Planet Fitness also offers a number of additional features to Black Card members. The Black Card membership, the company’s most popular membership option, provides unlimited access to Hydro massage chairs, tanning booths at any of Planet Fitness’ 2,000+ locations. Black Card members may also bring one friend to every visit for free and receive discounted beverages.

Planet Fitness

Clean air and ‘social fitnessing’

The COVID-19 pandemic has influenced the way that Planet Fitness approaches its sanitation efforts. Franchise owner Brian Bobenage explained, “Our already high standards of cleanliness have been enhanced [by] safety protocols including regular hydrostatic disinfecting, individual spray bottles, social fitnessing, hand and equipment sanitation and, of course, our air purification system. We also have ‘touchless check-in’ and the new ‘crowd meter’ feature using the new Planet Fitness App.”

Bobenage went on to explain that your Orangeburg Planet Fitness installed a new air filtration and purification system in the building’s HVAC ducts while the site was closed during the pandemic. This system disinfects and eliminates contaminants including viruses, bacteria, mold, fungi and odors. Orangeburg Planet Fitness wants you to be able to feel comfortable knowing that you’re breathing purified air. Additionally, the Planet Fitness crowd meter feature allows users of the Planet Fitness app to check on the capacity of their local gym location in real time, helping users determine whether it is a good time to visit before even leaving the house.

Physical wellness meets mental health

Planet Fitness believes that your fitness is essential and wants to help make your overall physical and mental wellness a priority. Exercise can provide benefits to both physical and mental health, in addition to strengthening your body’s immune system and helping to reduce anxiety, stress and depression. With the anxiety and stress of the past year weighing on many of us, it is more important than ever to give our bodies and minds a boost by staying active, whether that takes the form of regular walks, doing yoga at home, or joining a gym.

Planet Fitness

Since physical and mental health often go hand-in-hand, Planet Fitness is offering a special “Break Free” promotion in May to celebrate Mental Health Month. The Orangeburg community is invited to become Planet Fitness members between May 3 and May 12 for no cost. Anybody who takes part in this membership offer will not need to make a payment until June 17.

For more details about this promotion and membership options at Planet Fitness, visit the Planet Fitness website:

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