Does Milk Trigger Tooth Decay in Youngsters?

Dr. Janice Townsend

Inset: Dr. Janice Townsend

Q: My daughter enjoys milk and beverages it continually, but I have listened to that it could have a adverse effects on her tooth. Could consuming milk lead to cavities?

A: We all know that common brushing plays a important role in avoiding decay, but dad and mom are turning into significantly informed that the foodstuff and beverages their child consumes can engage in a huge purpose in developing cavities, also.

It really should come as no shock that smooth drinks can guide to cavities, and juices can also be a lead to for concern, but what about milk? Milk is loaded in calcium, which strengthens bones and enamel, but could it bring about cavities?

It’s correct that milk and milk options may possibly lead to cavities if they are consumed inappropriately. For example, a baby may acquire cavities on his or her upper front tooth if set to bed with a bottle of milk.