Howell dentist inspired to give back again by grandmother’s genocide survival tale

Food drive volunteers Dr. Shant Bedikian, left, and Brian Maynard load milk for those driving up at the Gleaners food distribution at Fowlerville High School Thursday, Sept. 9, 2021.

Howell dentist Shant Bedikian appreciates how food items insecurity impacts a loved ones. His very own relatives escaped genocide and spiritual oppression in the Middle East. Access to healthy food stuff was not a given.

His grandmother Azadouhi Bedikian was a survivor of the Armenian genocide by the Ottoman Empire, which occurred in between 1915 and 1916. 

1 night when Azadouhi was just a girl, Turkish soldiers massacred most of her relatives, Bedikian claimed. The Armenian genocide during the WWI period included mass killings, deportations and forced assimilation of Christians into Muslim Turkish lifestyle.

Azadouhi and two of her younger siblings had been the only ones to survive the massacre of their loved ones and several of their neighbors, he explained. 

“The children ended up in orphanages,” Bedikian mentioned. 

He reported ended up it not for the In the vicinity of East Basis, which fashioned in 1915 in response to atrocities dedicated versus Armenians and Assyrians in the Ottoman Empire, his spouse and children would not be flourishing currently. His grandmother ended up in Syria.