Is Cauliflower Keto Friendly? – No Bun Please

Is Cauliflower Keto Friendly? – No Bun Please

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The dishes you can make with a cauliflower are endless! However, is cauliflower keto friendly? Let’s find out if people on keto can incorporate this vegetable in their diet.

Is Cauliflower Keto Friendly
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What Is Cauliflower?

Cauliflower is a type of cruciferous vegetable. It belongs in the same group as broccoli, cabbage, kale and bok choy.

It’s a great source of nutrients such as fiber and vitamin C. And it has a lot of health benefits like preventing cancer and strengthening bones.

Furthermore, cauliflower is a versatile food ingredient. A lot of people use it now to make creative and delicious dishes. You can even use it to replace white rice, meat and even dough in pizzas!

Nutritional Information for Cauliflower

Before we answer the question, “is cauliflower keto friendly?”, let’s look at its nutritional information first.

115g of cauliflower contains 26.4 calories, 0.5g of total fat and 4.8g of total carbs. It also has 2.6g of dietary fiber, meaning it only has 2.2g of net carbs. It also has 85% of vitamin c and 2.2g of protein.

Is Cauliflower Keto Friendly?

Yes, cauliflower is keto friendly because it is low in net carbs and is a whole food. It is packed with nutrients and is a must for a healthy keto diet.

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Where To Get Cauliflower?

You can easily buy cauliflower in local grocery stores. But if you’re looking for healthy cauliflower recipes, these cook books will definitely help:

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