Spaceship Earth is all we have. Treatment for it.

Larry Swacina

Of all the planets in our solar process, I believe that our world – Earth – is the most stunning. I am – of system – biased, since I was born and elevated in this article. To me, it is comforting to feel that someplace out in place there may well be one more earth similarly as lovely as earth. Now there are about 4,000 regarded planets in the universe: that variety of known planets will definitely carry on to mature. So far – based on researchers listening for signals from outer space – no 1 has however detected a signal of attainable clever lifetime in outer place.

In the meantime – on our world – I see a huge viral pandemic – with the U.S. having in excess of 12 million situations and additional than 250,000 a growing financial crisis – directly similar to SARS CoV – 2 a lack of regard for our widespread humanity (these as a ongoing failure to comprehend that Black Life Matter) and a weather disaster (fires out West, at any time raising hurricanes, flood, drought, crop failure, and many others.)  — due to international warming – which in convert is mostly due to  massive governing administration-backed use of fossil fuels.