Critique of what Kaley Cuoco eats to stay thin (Does Kaley Cuoco eat a healthy diet?)


Critique of what Kaley Cuoco eats in a day by Fitness Nutrition Health Coach, Nina Shantel who answers the question: Does Kaley Cuoco eat a healthy diet? (Published 6/7/2022 from

Kaley Cuoco, the pretty blond that played the dumb, slutty neighbor in the popular, but now cancelled, TV show, “The Big Bang Theory,” shares what she eats daily, as if she’s proud of it, believing it’s good for her, which proves she’s ignorant in real life, at least about nutrition.

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Kaley adds oat milk instead of dairy milk to her latte, which is a good swap.
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For breakfast she drinks an oat-milk latte (coffee) with sourdough toast topped with peanut butter. Caffeine is addictive and can be problematic for people who are sensitive to caffeine. If she needs a boost of energy, that indicates that she’s not sleeping enough, maybe staying out late, drinking alcohol, and/or not eating the right foods. A better caffeine substitute would be green tea. That breakfast could be high in fat depending on how much peanut butter she slathers on her bread, and has very low fiber, but it’s not a terrible breakfast. I would suggest that she add banana slices to her toast for added micronutrients. I give her a “B” for her breakfast meal as a grade. Unfortunately, her meal choices go down from here.

Kaley Cuoco promoting drinking alcohol in this add, not a healthy choice

For lunch she likes to eat a tuna salad, tuna wrap or tuna fish with chips. Tuna is high in mercury, and our conservative FDA even recommends that tuna should be eaten no more than once a week. She likes to eat tuna fish daily. Instead of tuna fish, I recommend she mash garbanzo beans with herbs and spices, which is a fiber and nutrient-rich tuna replacement. Notice that her lunch does not contain any fiber, unless she is eating tuna fish with a salad.

For a snack, she likes to eat a Luna bar, which is a high fat candy bar made with sugar, oil and isolated soy or dairy protein. Dr. McDougall says all protein powders, even vegan protein powders are toxic because the protein has been isolated (molecularly taken apart, the fiber, carbohydrate and fat removed). Another snack choice she buys is an $11 high-fat ketogenic smoothie from Juice Ranch, called Scotty’s Mint Chip.

Larabars are better choices for a quick fruit and nut snack than many other brands

This ketogenic smoothie is another high fat item she likes, which contains the following high fat foods: avocado, almond butter and cacao nibs. While there is nothing wrong or unhealthy with those high-fat plant foods, fats should be consumed in small amounts, preferably no more than 10-15% of one’s total calories for the day.

I recommend people make their own smoothies with unsweetened plant milk, and frozen fruit. If you want fat in your smoothie, ground chia seeds or flax seeds are good choices since they are both high in omega 3 fatty acids and low in omega 6’s. If you need to run out and grab something, like a cold icy drink, Jambo Juice makes a vegan smoothie called “Apple ‘n Greens” that’s only 320 calories and made with fruit juice, kale, mangos, bananas and peaches.

low-fat smoothie recipe, can be made vegan

Other snacks she’ll grab, which are preferable to the Luna bar and the ketogenic smoothie, are a rice cake, apples with peanut butter (she likes her fats), or a pear. Fruit is a great snack, but she shouldn’t limit her fruit to one or just once a day. Fruits are extremely nutritious and contain fiber, nutrients, and water. There are no limits on how much fruit a person should eat. What a person should restrict is fats, not fruit.

For dinner, she likes to eat salmon, more fish, which is another high-fat food, with a baked potato and veggies. All fish contain mercury, PCB’s, microplastics, cholesterol and toxic chemicals. Fish is poor protein choice. I used to eat salmon too, but now, when I want salmon, I make baked tofu “salmon” with nori. Tofu is high in protein, and the nori seaweed contains iodine and omega 3s. Tofu doesn’t contain cholesterol, and soy provides phytoestrogens which are protective against cancer.

A healthy alternative to salmon is baked tofu with nori

She gets kudos for the potato and veggies, depending on if she puts sour cream on her potato and if the veggies are cooked in oil or butter. I like to stir-fry my veggies in either white wine, cooking sherry, vegetable broth, or water.

For dessert, she opts for Justin’s white chocolate pieces. I couldn’t find Justin’s white chocolate “pieces,” but I found Justin’s White Chocolate Peanut Butter Cups on-line, so I’m assuming she meant that she eats pieces of the peanut butter cups from Justin’s brand. These white-chocolate peanut butter cups contain sugar, and peanut butter (here she goes again with the nut butter). Sugar is inflammatory and leads to tooth decay. Dairy intake increases one’s risk of numerous diseases and autoimmune conditions.

Kaley’s unhealthy snack she likes to eat pieces of after dinner

She eats too much nut butter. Notice that she ate peanut butter on toast for breakfast, a smoothie with almond butter after lunch, and the peanut butter cup for her after-dinner snack.  

A healthier option she likes to eat for a snack is popcorn. Popcorn can be healthy or unhealthy, depending on if the popcorn is covered with butter or oil, and a lot of salt. Some people add sugar to their popcorn to make it an unhealthy treat. I air-pop my popcorn in the microwave and sprinkle in jalapeño hot sauce, which is sweet and spicy.

popcorn in ceramic bowl
A healthy snack Kaley eats. She didn’t mention if it contains oil or butter. Photo by Mo Abrahim on

Cuoco doesn’t eat a ketogenic diet, based on what she said she eats in a day to the reporter, because the carbs from the toast, popcorn, chips or wrap with her tuna fish are over the 50 grams of carbohydrate threshold for a ketogenic diet. She’s definitely not vegan because she eats fish, but she may be a vegetarian because she doesn’t mention any other animal products that she eats. She may be dairy-free, or just avoids milk, since she uses oat milk in her coffee, and the other foods she eats may or may not contain dairy.

What type of diet does Kaley Cucoco eat?

To sum up Kaley Cuoco’s diet, it’s a high-fat diet, low in carbohydrates, low in fiber, low in micronutrients, high in mercury and toxins.The reason why she isn’t fat from eating all this fat is that her portions aren’t huge, and she doesn’t eat more calories than she burns off.

Being slim doesn’t make someone healthy. Fat doesn’t contain fiber or nutrients. Plant foods contain fibers, and those fibers are essential for good gut health. I recommend she add more fruit and vegetables to her diet, cut back on the nut butters, and swap out the fish for beans and lentils.

Kaley Cuoco’s diet is another example of someone famous who doesn’t have a clue about nutrition, but looks fit and fabulous. Does because someone is rich and famous and has a nice physique, doesn’t mean that person’s diet is ideal.

Even though I gave Kaley Cuoco’s diet a harsh review, she eats better than most people. All-in-all, I would grade her diet a “C.”

Source: Talbert, Sabrina. “Kaley Cuoco, 36, Swears by *This* Rule Whenever She Goes out to Eat.” Yahoo!, Yahoo!, 31 May 2022,

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