How to lose belly fat: get in shape before it all goes wrong again during the holidays

Want to lose belly fat for Black Friday? There are some things you need to know. Directly targeting belly fat is largely impossible, but losing belly fat can be useful for your health. Plus you will look better. Perhaps that’s a shallow way of looking at it, but there we are. These are our best tips on how to to lose belly fat as rapidly as is healthy. With the figure apocalypse that is the holiday season approaching, keep these tips in mind.

Important note here, everyone: Belly fat these days is often referred to as visceral fat because that sounds scarier. If you really need to shed visceral fat because it’s endangering your life, that is an area where you should probably be seeking medical advice, if that is at all possible. But while this guide is more about slimming down a bit, or avoiding ballooning during lockdown, belly fat loss also has an element of visceral fat loss.