How to Make a Healthy & Tasty Snack Platter For Kids


Seeking for a nutritious snack strategy for children? Meet the Snack Platter: straightforward, enjoyable, and complete of healthy stuff.

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As a dietitian, I get a lot of queries: Is sugar poisonous? (No.) Really should I go on a single of these juice cleanses? (Also no.) 

But one of the most frequent questions I get is this: What sorts of snacks must I feed my little ones?

My response is that normal “fun” snacks–all the stuff marketed as snack food stuff like chips, cookies, and cheese crackers–are absolutely fantastic sometimes. 

But most of the time, treats should really just appear like the form of foods you provide at mealtime, like fruits, vegetables, whole grains, meats, beans, cheese, and nuts. 

Simply because if you only provide “fun” treats to your kid at snack time, meals–with their boring ol’ frequent foods–are heading to get rid of their attractiveness.

The good news is, there’s a way to transform that food items into anything unique: The Snack Platter.


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