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Your body has gone through the most wonderful experience of growing another human being. After waiting for nine months, you are probably excited to finally be home with your new baby. In the coming week, most of your energy and focus will be on the baby, but you also have to take care of yourself. 

Your delivery may have been complicated or easy, may have lasted a few hours or a few days, it may have been a cesarean birth or vaginal delivery… whatever it was, your body stretched and stressed itself to accommodate the new life, thus allow yourself a few weeks to recover fully.

Some tips for postpartum recovery

Sleep: Get as much sleep as you can. Sleep when the baby sleeps. It could be for a few minutes several times a day. All these minutes will add up in restoring your energy. Nutrition: Eat a healthy and balanced diet so you can be active. Include fibrous foods and drink plenty of water to stimulate bowel activity. Fluids particularly helpful if you’re breastfeeding. 

Breast engorgement: To ease discomfort, apply a warm or cold compress on your breasts. Nipple soreness usually disappears as your baby and the body adjusts to the new change. Baby blues: Feeling down, anxious or depressed is normal  and understandable. It’s caused by hormonal changes in post-delivery. Talk to a friend or family member to make yourself feel better.

Perineum soreness: Sitting on an icepack before going to the bathroom, a few times a day, will help relieve the pain. Also, rinse the perineum with warm water after using the washroom.  Kegel exercises: These strengthen your pelvic floor and help to maintain urinary continence. Giving birth can be challenging for new mothers but the postpartum period is life-changing and exciting.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your doctor about any concerns, whether it’s related to baby care, the healing process or if you’re feeling depressed. 

The author is Additional Director, (gynaecologist and obstetrician), Cloudnine Hospital, Gurugram; Founder, Virtue Baby, an initiative for holistic care during pregnancy and childbirth