Jane Fonda shares photo of her doing the Nordic Body workout aimed at over-50s

Jane Fonda has shared a photo of her working out, pictured here in February 2021. (Getty Images)

Jane Fonda has shared a photo of her working out, pictured here in February 2021. (Getty Images)

Jane Fonda has shared a photo of herself taken mid-workout as she undertook a special fitness regime designed for the over-50s.

The 83-year-old actor, is a fan of walking and fitness club Nordic Body.

In the snap, Fonda is pictured in an embellished ‘I’m with Jane Fonda’ T-shirt, as she leans against the wall perfecting an exercise with some resistance bands and her trainer, Malin Svensson.

“This week from the #homegym with my trainer Malin, working on my posture which helps me stand strong,” she wrote in the accompanying caption on Instagram.

Fonda’s followers were pretty impressed to see the star maintaining her fitness levels.

“So important. I wish both of you could show several different posture exercises for all of us to see and do daily,” one wrote. “It’s so important for women and you are such a wonderful example of how to take care of yourself.”

“You’re an inspiration Jane,” another added.

“Queen! Love you, Jane! You are such an inspiration and reminded me that I need to add resistance bands back into my life,” yet another follower wrote.

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Nordic Body was founded by Fonda’s trainer Malin Svensson and is a walking and fitness club which aims to inspire the over-50s into living “a fun, healthy and fulfilling life”.

The mixture of online and live programmes also include holistic fitness retreats, private sessions, workshops and community classes.

“I love working out under Malin’s watchful eye,” Fonda says in an online recommendation of the fitness regime. “She knows how to give me an effective, carefully constructed workout with emphasis on functionality — as it should be at my age!”

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Svensson claims the Nordic Body fitness system is a good way of achieving strength in body and mind after 50.

“Most workout systems fail because your mind is not programmed for success,” the Nordic Body site explains. “By discovering new ways to change your thoughts, you will feel empowered and motivated to exercise.

“You’ll explore different ways to move your body, making sure it is pain-free, doing it correctly to stay injury-free while getting your muscles, bones and heart strong, plus improving the flexibility and mobility of the muscles and joints.

“These body and mind practices enhance and play a key role in living a fun, healthy and fulfilling life well into your 60s, 70s, 80s and beyond.”

Anyone interested in giving the programme a go, can sign up for a free wake up strength training workout video on the website.

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Fonda has been an advocate of health and fitness for many years. Back in the 1980s her workout book and collection of fitness DVDs were hugely popular.

But though her days of aerobics, leotards and leg warmers may be behind her, the Grace and Frankie star still maintains a healthy lifestyle.

“Maintaining a healthy weight, strong heart and bones through regular physical exercise is a major ingredient for successful aging,” Fonda previously told People.

But she also appreciates that getting older may mean she has to adapt her fitness regime and she now enjoys resistance training, yoga and cross-country skiing.

The actor has previously explained that too many people her age give up on exercise rather than tailoring their regime.

“I don’t run, I walk. I don’t ski, I cross-country ski,” she told the Telegraph. “The most important thing is to keep moving, to stay active. That’s what I do and that’s how to stay strong.”

She also credits keeping fit in her younger years for helping her maintain her strength now.

“I have a fake hip, a fake knee, and I’ve had a number of back surgeries, so I’m sort of half-metal and half-bionic now,” she told the Daily Mail.

“I have osteoarthritis and getting in and out of a car is a challenge. But I feel lucky that I did a lot of fitness work earlier in my life because it means I’m stronger now.”

Another fitness guru encouraging those in their more senior years to stay active, is Diana Moran.

The 81-year-old, dubbed the Green Goddess, thanks to her 80s iconic workout outfits is urging the over 65s to keep moving during the pandemic.

Having risen to fame in the 80s with her glamorous BBC Breakfast workouts in her eye-popping emerald green leotard, like Fonda, Moran isn’t showing signs of slowing down any time soon.

Instead she has created three easy to follow workouts for older people, with some requiring no equipment at all, and others using accessible household items such as a bottle of water and a pair of tights.

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