Mother’s Day healthy gift guide 2022


Mother’s Day is May 8th

Surprise mom with a Mother’s Day gift this year that she wouldn’t splurge on herself. These brands and products are ones I adore, are much cleaner than what’s typically sold in stores, and are from companies that care about people and the environment.

After searching for years for a gentle shampoo and conditioner, I found this luxurious shampoo & conditioner by Bogavia that doesn’t weigh down my curls, has a gentle scent that smells good and washes out easily. It’s on the high-end, pricy side at $24 each, but not a lot of product is needed so it’s worth the splurge.

After searching for a healthy mascara that does not clump, I found one I love by W3LL People

I almost gave up searching for a self-tanning lotion without harmful ingredients that doesn’t stink, until I tried Luna Bronze. I use the spray self-tanning lotion, shown below, on a big fluffy brush and dust it on my face and neck for a heathy tan look. I use the Radiant Self Tanning Lotion on my body (not shown), which doesn’t streak, looks natural and lasts for five days.

This face scrub by French company Caudalie doesn’t irritate my skin, and gentle buffs it. I use it twice a week on my face (I have very delicate skin) and it doesn’t get red.

The other product I adore from this brand is their gentle Almond Milk Cleanser (not shown)

A nail polish that contains fewer chemicals, is eco-friendly, vegan, cruelty-free, and made in the USA is Ella Milla. Their nail polish is $10.50 and most shades require 2-3 coats in addition to a top coat.

For the mom who wants a simple nail polish color that stays on and doesn’t look ghastly as it wears off, are Ella Milla glitters. I wash my hands a lot, lift weights, and my nails take a daily beating so I needed a polish that’s easy to apply and always looks classy. Below I’m wearing Pixie Dusk, which is a clear polish combined with silver glitter. This doesn’t need a base coat or a top coat. I’m wearing two coats of this polish, which lasts a week (sometimes even longer)

This tie-dye dress from female entrepreneur Kaneta, can be worn by women in many shapes and sizes. It’s really soft, you can wear a tank top underneath and the cow’s neck will hide belly fat.

The Mia Brazilia brand, named after her daughter, has many styles and colors, not just in dresses, but also jumpsuits, jackets, leggings and tops, made from organic bamboo. You can order these cute, trendy, stretchy, comfortable bell bottoms (shown in photo below) from her too.

To see several outfits from Mia Brazilia being modeled, play the YouTube video below

For the mom who wants to lose weight, or may be suffering from a disease or autoimmune condition, get her this nutrition health book, that will make her feel good, motivate her to make positive changes, which includes whole-food dairy-free & vegan recipes. It’s just $16.15

This shimmer and matte Eye shadow pallet can be used for every occasion. I have very fair skin and use the matte New Moon on my as an all-over nude base to match my skin and cover my veins, then add Solar Eclipse on my lid for a subtle-pink shimmer. I use SOL in my crease, which has a soft peach color. Amber is a beautiful rich gold. The remaining colors are nice on the outer corner for a dramatic pop.

Unfortunately, the company Aether Beauty no longer sells this pallet, but they have an even more beautiful pallet called Desert Sunset that contains 10 shades, with a glittery rose-pink, and several matte and shimmery golds and browns that you can check out with the link below. It’s $48 for a palette of 10 shades (I’m ordering this palette when I run out of the colors I have).

For the mom who loves to bake, but is trying to eat healthier, order her my whole-food desserts cookbook: It’s $14.95, and 90% of the recipes are vegan. No sugar, flour or dairy are in any of the recipes:

For the mom who wants to lose weight and wants flexibility, using a food diary results in better food choices and fat loss. Support small female business women, by ordering my book for $15.95.   

Instead of roses that don’t last, how about a lavender bouquet? These aromatic plants are made with 100% English lavender, which results in a much sweeter and pleasant fragrance. You can order these beautiful bouquets, that range from $10-$30, by a small business: Nature’s ZEAL. Jennifer is the owner of this small organic lavender/honey/maple syrup farm, located in central Michigan. Place your order by phone 517-699-4319 or email [email protected]

For the fitness mom, get her these resistance bands for leg curls, biceps curls, front raises, lateral shoulder raises, and front shoulder raises (I’m a fan and use these myself).

TheFitLife Exercise Resistance Bands with Handles, which includes 5 Fitness Workout Bands, Training Tubes with Large Handles, Ankle Straps, Door Anchor Attachment, Carry Bag was under $25 last time I checked on Amazon [affiliate link below]

For the mom who lifts weights, she may like this 300 page weightlifting record book, which tracks progress, includes sample workouts, and includes over 200 of the best strengthening exercises. $15.99  

No butt workout is complete without a glute band. I like this one because it’s really stretchy and light, so it won’t hurt (scroll towards the bottom of the shopping page for the NT Loop mini red band.

For the mom that wants to exercise, needs help getting started and motivated, is not sure what to do or where to start and would prefer not to leave the house, she may enjoy virtual personal fitness training sessions through Zoom or Facetime. Fill out the contact me section below at the bottom of my website

virtual personal training sessions with certified trainer Nina

You can order gift cards for my products and services with the link below too.

Happy mother’s day to all the beautiful mom’s out there. We appreciate you!


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