Ab muscles CBN StarKargo Brand

(Redwood Metropolis, Oct 23, 2012)  ABS-CBN Global categorically takes exception to the inclusion of Stomach muscles-CBN StarKargo among the “blacklisted overseas principals and consolidators overseas owing to experiences of undelivered deals and other violations less than Philippine Shippers Bureau (“PSB”) Administrative Purchase No. 6 series or the Revised Guidelines on Freight Forwarding” (the ” PSB Order”) as said in the Philippine Division of Trade and Business (DTI) Information Release dated Oct 16, 2012.

On the matter of “undelivered packages”, Abs-CBN Global is not aware nor has been notified of any these types of incident pending just before DTI-PSB.

On the situation of “violations”: the PSB Purchase does not utilize to Stomach muscles-CBN StarKargo since the PSB has no jurisdiction about Abdominal muscles-CBN StarKargo, a company owned and operated by Stomach muscles-CBN Global centered in the U.S.  To aid the shipping and delivery of the shipments of Ab muscles-CBN StarKargo’s prospects to their family and friends in the Philippines, Ab muscles-CBN Intercontinental engaged the brokerage and freight forwarding expert services of Sky Land Brokerage, Inc. which is organized and current below Philippine legislation and is duly accredited by the PSB.

Stomach muscles-CBN International painstakingly crafted and taken care of the name and goodwill of  ABS-CBN StarKargo by several many years of superb services to thousands of glad buyers.  ABS-CBN Intercontinental has been a reliable recipient of an A+ score from the Superior Business enterprise Bureau (BBB) in the U.S. considering that September 10, 1998.  There currently being no obvious basis for naming Stomach muscles-CBN StarKargo as a “blacklisted” firm and “warning the community against partaking its services” as said in the News Release, it has filed a  letter to the DTI-PSB requesting for clarification and immediate elimination of Stomach muscles-CBN StarKargo’s identify from the “blacklisted” entities to avert more damage to its identify.