Persimmons 101: Health Benefits, Recipes, and More

Persimmons 101: Health Benefits, Recipes, and More

Wondering how to eat persimmons? I’m sharing my top tips on what to do with persimmons, as well as the benefits of persimmons, persimmons recipes, and beyond.

I get so excited when I spy my first persimmon of the season in my farmers market. Oh, that bright orange-red flesh and sweet-spicy flavor! You can find them from October through January in stores, farmers markets, and backyard gardens, when these cheery fruits are perfect for brightening up the dullest of fall or winter days.

American persimmons are native to the Americas—the Native Americans enjoyed them and they can grow in many places, even my state of California, tolerating temperatures down to -25 F.

Fuyu persimmons

Are Persimmons Good for You?

The nutrition benefits are tucked away in a rich cache of vitamins A and C, and fiber, as well as phytochemicals linked with their bright color. They are a great way to include seasonal, healthful fruits in your diet, especially when summer fruit is less available in the cooler months.

What are Persimmons?

There are two main types: hachiya and fuyu. The fuyu (pictured above), are squat and round, looking a bit like an orange tomato. These can be eaten crisp before they are fully soft and mature. These are the types of persimmons that work best in recipes where you need firm persimmons, such as salads and snacks. Hachiya persimmons (pictured below) must be eaten soft and ripe (they are astringent otherwise), so they aren’t good in fresh salads, but they are great for baking, jams, and jellies, in which very soft textures work well. They are versatile in so many dishes, including savory and sweet. And here’s a fun fact— “Sharon Fruit” is a type of persimmon variety! No wonder I love these fruits so much—I even planted a persimmons tree in my garden this year. Hope to harvest these beauties this time next year.

Hachiya persimmons

What Do Persimmons Taste Like?

Though there are differences in varieties, they have common flavor profiles of a spicy sweetness and aroma. When fuyu are enjoyed firm, they are crisp and crunchy and you can even enjoy their outer skins. When eaten in their soft, fully ripe form, they are juicy and even sweeter in taste. Just eat them with a spoon!

I’m so excited to be talking about this fruit today. So, what are my 5 favorite things to do with this fruit? Check them out below.

Persimmons tree

Top 5 Ways to Use Persimmons + Persimmon Recipes

Make sure to start your oat porridge out with sliced persimmons when they are in season.

1. Slice Over Your Cereal. As the seasons change, so should your breakfast fruit that tops your steel cut oats or whole wheat flakes. I promise this fruit will breathe life into your morning!

Add them in a golden turmeric smoothie.

2. Add in Your Next Smoothie. Try blending them with other light-colored fruits, such as bananas or pineapple, with a pinch of spice and your favorite plant-based milk for a smoothie the color of autumn leaves!

Persimmon Brown Rice Arugula Salad with Tahini Dressing

3. Slice Them into a Salad. I am in love with the juxtaposition of sweet, crisp slices of persimmons with pungent greens, earthy grains, and creamy pulses. I promise this combination will rock your winter salads! Try my recipes for Persimmon Brown Rice Arugula Salad and Mediterranean Persimmon White Bean Kale Salad for starters.

Persimmon Spice Oat Snack Cake

4. Get to Baking. They can take the place of mashed bananas in your banana bread, or canned pumpkin in your muffins. Try this recipe for for proof.

Fuyu persimmons

5. Turn into a Snack. Simply wash them and slice them into wedges to munch au naturel!

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