What Do I Do If My Child Swallowed a Child Tooth?


Do you try to remember shedding your initial tooth? I wiggled and pulled on mine frequently till it came out and I could spot it underneath my pillow — currently dreaming of the tooth fairy viewing me with income or Pokémon cards like she gave my older brother. As a mother, I can not wait for my young children to arrive at that phase as effectively. But what do you do if the unthinkable takes place: your 6-year-aged accidentally swallows a little one tooth? POPSUGAR spoke with dentists to locate out specifically how to manage this problem — and how you can describe it to the tooth fairy.

Need to I Be Apprehensive If My Baby Swallows a Newborn Tooth?

The dentists we spoke to are all in settlement: swallowing a little one tooth is truly additional prevalent than you may believe! “Swallowing a loose tooth can be a quite standard, though from time to time a nerve-wracking expertise,” Mikaeya Kalantari, DDS, at Sunshine Smiles of Orange County, told POPSUGAR. In truth, most swallowed objects (like teeth) move via the digestive technique with no creating any harm. “It generally can take about 24 to 48 hours for the tooth to digest,” mentioned Tiffanie Garrison-Jeter, DMD, general dentist and founder of Definition Dental and Wellness Spa.

Even so, you want to make absolutely sure the tooth really finished up in your kid’s tummy. “If a youngster feels they have swallowed their tooth, the main problem is to make sure that they did not inhale it,” Dr. Kalantari advised POPSUGAR. “If your little one was coughing, conversing, or laughing during the time of swallowing the tooth, this raises the probabilities for inhalation. Also suspicious for inhalation is if the baby coughs or gags soon after swallowing the tooth. Most of the time, nonetheless, the tooth is swallowed into the stomach the place it will sooner or later pass.” The dentists we spoke with certain us that while aspirating a tooth does materialize, it is pretty exceptional.

So, if a boy or girl swallows a tooth and appears to be high-quality, then there is possibly absolutely nothing to stress about! But, if they develop any unconventional symptoms, connect with or take a look at your kid’s dentist appropriate away.

What Should I Do If My Child Swallows a Infant Tooth?

The to start with issue to do is stay serene and reassure your kid that all the things will be great so they do not stress. Then, think about how your child swallowed the tooth — did it pop free and accidentally conclusion up in their tummy? Or was there a traumatic damage, these as a tumble or a hit in the encounter? Then check to see if the tooth has accidentally entered your kid’s airways — the probabilities of this are greater if the swallowing was prompted by an damage. “If the tooth has been aspirated, you will need to immediately look for health-related aid by calling 911 and having your kid to the clinic to clear away the tooth,” mentioned to Diana Wu, DDS, from Issaquah Leading Dental. “You do not have to have to choose your kid to the physician if the tooth is not in the airways and your child is doing typically nicely.”

Even if all appears to be very well, it is really very best to be on the safe and sound aspect and give your dentist a simply call. Listed here are some factors the dentist will want to know, in accordance to Nora Ghodousi-Zaghi, DDS, of The Breathe Institute.

  • Is your baby acquiring problem respiration?
  • Do they have a concussion, dizziness, headache, nausea, difficulty seeing, slurred speech, or amnesia?
  • Do they have ache in the jaw, upper body, or neck?
  • Are there lacerations in the oral cavity or head/neck?
  • Are they vomiting or sensation lethargic?
  • Is there bleeding that hasn’t stopped or bleeding in vomit or stool?
  • Is there suffering in the stomach?
  • Do they have a fever?

“If any of people responses are sure, your medical doctor may perhaps advise you to occur in or go to the area pediatric urgent care or crisis space to get further health care focus,” Dr. Ghodousi-Zaghi told POPSUGAR. Also keep on to check out your boy or girl for symptoms like difficulties swallowing and abdominal suffering, mentioned Dr. Garrison-Jeter. You should really seek out medical awareness if these are present, far too.

What Can I Do to Enable If My Youngster Swallows a Toddler Tooth?

After creating absolutely sure your kid is correctly great and in no risk, it really is time for a very little psychological guidance. Hug them, discuss to them about their emotions, and occur up with a resourceful option to assure the tooth fairy continue to comes.

“Comfort your child with psychological and bodily reassurance that all will be Alright,” reported Dr. Kalantari. “Supply neat, tender meals that can assist soothe any soreness in the gum tissue. If a doctor’s pay a visit to is demanded, reassure your little one that the physician will choose treatment of them to get them emotion improved swiftly.”

Also, do not overlook about the tooth fairy! Help your young ones demonstrate the condition by producing a letter to the tooth fairy, so she will nevertheless convey dollars or toys for your young ones even though they slumber.