It’s Family Health and Fitness Week. Here are 6 ways families can get healthy together. | Momaha

Happy family

If your family had difficulty staying motivated to be healthy during the past year and a half, you’re not alone.

Dodging COVID-19, trying to drown out the constant negativity of social media and the temptation of becoming a bonafide couch potato has put a real damper on some family’s mental and physical drive to stay fit.

Well, this is Family Health and Fitness week, which is a good time to turn that coach-potato tendency around. Working out as a family could be the answer. Here are some tips to get you started.

Bridget Barnes

Bridget Barnes has more than 30 years of experience as a Health and Human Services professional. Bridget joined Boys Town’s Family Services Research and Development department to assist with creating what is now the evidence-based Common Sense Parenting program.

Have a family meeting to discuss health and fitness concern and strategies.

What is a family meeting? Simply put, it is a time each day or week when immediate family members living in the same home come together to discuss topics and make decisions that will enhance their life. Health and fitness are conversations most families should have, but often don’t. Family meetings can give your family consistent ways to create ongoing opportunities to encourage, support and allow each member to share their health and fitness goals.

Take a family fitness challenge.

Challenge your family’s fitness by working together or in teams on a health and fitness plan. You can even offer prizes for meeting your goals. Your plan could be as simple as taking a walk each day together before or after a meal to earn a healthy snack. Or it could be taking a class together like water aerobics, yoga, boxing or signing up for a 5k run. Whatever you decide, doing it together as a family is the key for accountability and creating great family memories.